Research output of the CO2NSTRUCT project.

The CO2NSTRUCT European project: Modelling the role of Circular Economy in construction value chains for a carbon-neutral Europe
Theoni I. Oikonomou, Spyridon Karytsas, Constantine Karytsas, Sofia G. Simoes, Oscar Seco Calvo, Maria Nuria Sánchez Egido, Silvia Soutullo Castro, Pierluigi Zerbino, Davide Aloini, Andrea Genovese, Meletios Bimpizas-Pinis, Simon Slabik and Ana T. Lima
In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, June 2023
ISSN 1755-1307

Understanding the relationship between institutional pressures, supply chain integration and the adoption of circular economy practices
Calzolari, T., Bimpizas-Pinis, M., Genovese, A., & Brint, A.
Journal of Cleaner Production, Elsevier, November 2023
ISSN 0959-6526

A multi-period model for reorganising urban household waste recycling networks
Zati Aqmar Zaharudin, Andrew Brint, Andrea Genovese. In Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, Volume 84, December 2022, 101396,

Climate mitigation models need to become circular – let's start with the construction sector
Ana T. Lima, Sofia G. Simoes, Davide Aloini, Pierluigi Zerbino, Theoni I. Oikonomou, Spyridon Karytsas, Constantine Karytsas, Oscar Seco Calvo, Beatriz Porcar, I. Herrera, Simon Slabik, Hans H. Dürr, Andrea Genovese, Meletios Bimpizas-Pinis (2023).In Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Volume 190, 2023, 106808, ISSN 0921-3449,